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The Happiness (Bridal Bouquet / Flower for Register of Married)

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Product Description

The Happiness (Bridal Bouquet / Flower for Register of Married)

Introducing "The Happiness" bouquet, a captivating and joy-filled arrangement that radiates beauty and positivity. This exquisite bouquet is designed for bridal occasions or to be used as a charming accessory during the register of married (ROM) ceremony. 

"The Happiness" features a combination of 8-9 stalks of pristine white roses, symbolizing purity and everlasting love. These elegant roses are thoughtfully mixed with vibrant orange spray roses, adding a burst of color and a touch of playfulness to the arrangement. To enhance its charm, chamomile daisies and other fillers are delicately incorporated, providing texture and a delightful fragrance.

Each bloom in "The Happiness" bouquet is hand-selected and crafted to perfection, representing the purest expressions of love and happiness. The pristine white roses exude a sense of grace and elegance, while the cheerful orange spray roses infuse the bouquet with energy and enthusiasm. The chamomile daisies add a touch of whimsy, evoking a sense of relaxation and tranquility.

Wrapped with care, the bouquet exudes a sense of refinement and sophistication. The combination of white, orange, and hints of green from the fillers creates a captivating visual contrast, capturing the attention and admiration of all who see it.

"The Happiness" bouquet is the perfect choice for brides seeking a bouquet that symbolizes purity, joy, and new beginnings. It adds a touch of enchantment to wedding ceremonies and serves as a meaningful accessory during the register of married (ROM) celebration. Its beauty and elegance will leave a lasting impression and create treasured memories on this special day.

Celebrate the journey of love and embark on a blissful future with "The Happiness" bouquet. Let its radiant blooms and delightful fragrances envelop your special moments, bringing joy and happiness to the forefront of your cherished memories.

Types: 9 stalks of white rose mixed with orange colour spray rose, chamomile daisy, and other filler  
Bouquet Size: 28cm (h) x 22cm (w)

Size might have some differences due to handmade bouquets

Please Take Note

Yoake Florist Studio provides bouquets with our professionals. Sometimes, the flowers and the ribbon design might differ from the shown in the product photo.

Some flowers are seasonal, they might not be available at all times. If certain flowers/fillers are not available, they will be replaced with similar value and/or colour to remain the overall look of the bouquet/arrangement.

Delivery Information

Yoake Florist Studio standard delivery services are completed between Monday to Saturday 11am to 7pm for our customers. Same day delivery only for the ready stock bouquet and please order before 11am.

For more information kindly refer to the Yoake Florist Studio’s Terms & Conditions.

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